Weleda – In harmony with nature and the human being - Since 1921


Weleda has been developing anthroposophic medicines and natural cosmetic products since 1921, with their main focus on quality – from the selection of raw materials to the holistic product.

Wherever possible, they use raw materials from bio-dynamic cultivation or certified wild collection. These materials are then checked and processed in compliance with their own high quality requirements.

In this way, they use their many years of experience in the natural medicine and cosmetics industry to offer you natural cosmetics products that bring mankind and nature together in harmony.

Responsible interaction with our environment has always been important to Weleda: sustainability, fair trade, active protection of resources through cultivation and species protection projects and a high level of transparency for the benefit of their customers are all a matter of course.

Weleda have very clear standards for their products;

  • No synthetic preservatives
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • No synthetic chemicals
  • No synthetic anything

'When we say ‘all natural’, we mean ‘all natural’.' 

  • Weleda aim to use only the purest wild-crafted, organically and Biodynamically cultivated ingredients for their products. Toxins, additives and raw materials from mineral oils simply won’t do.

But natural isn’t enough for them, their ingredients have to be effective too. They have to work with your body’s own ability to heal, restore well- being and impart radiance. So to ensure their ingredients maintain their innate potency, they harvest them quickly, then process them as little as possible, taking excellent care of them along the way.


Weleda feel a certain level of responsibility to their crops the same way they feel a responsibility to you.

And because they believe unwaveringly in cultivating beauty for all creatures, they don’t test their skin care products or their ingredients on animals and neither do their suppliers. Period. No asterisk, no small print.