Funky By Nature is a newly founded company borne from a long term passion for good nutrition and healthy living.  Debbie Goodridge,  Director, has experienced many forms of cancer within her close family network and has always been keen to learn new ways to  promote the best of health for our bodies. 

Unfortunately she herself, received the devastating news in 2014 that she had breast cancer and thus the fight to live a healthy life became ever more prominent. 

Spurred on by her own experience and others on a similar journey, Funky By Nature was set up to provide products to others who want to lead a healthy life, full of vitality,whilst eliminating as many toxins from day to day living as possible.

FBN believe that modern living and industry exposes us to too many toxins on a daily basis and that  we should be able to access a variety of products that limit that exposure.  Product ingredients are carefully looked into, in order to ensure that they have as little chemical based ingredients as possible.
 We hope that you will enjoy buying products from Funky and be inspired to live a healthy, happy fun life!