NHR have searched the world for the purest and highest quality, certified Organic oils and are now extremely proud to stock over 100 Organic essential oils and 30 Organic base oils.

Their ethos is simple - the purer the quality of the oil, the stronger the therapeutic and healing effect. Many of the essential oils on the market today are of very low quality - even some Organic ones - and many are mixed with synthetic chemicals which can be harmful. Low quality essential oils have little or no therapeutic effect, which is often the reason why people are sceptical about the properties of Aromatherapy - they have not used high quality oils!

Therefore it is vital to buy the highest quality oils from a reliable and trustworthy source. Only use the purest certified Organic plant ingredients are used, none of which are tested on animals.

What is NOT used: emulsifiers, artificial colourings or fragrances, synthetic additives or GMO's. Infact, they don't use anything but the certified Organic plant  material itself. NHR's analysis and testing programme ensures the use of the freshest most potent organic oils in the world. 

NHR ever have full GLC (Gas Liquid Chromatography) data and safety data info on every organic oil, all readily available on their website, so you can check the high quality yourself.

NHR Oils