Hand Made -Our jams, chutneys, marmalades and condiments are made carefully by hand in open pans in small batches.


Fresh Ingredients - fresh, naturally dried or fresh frozen ingredients sourced as locally as possible, supporting local farmers and growers.

No Additives - We add no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives and no modified starches.

Gluten Free - We add no wheat or modified starch to our preserves, so the majority of our products are suitable for most people on a gluten-free diet. However, we do use malt vinegar in some of our non organic chutneys so would recommend our Organic Chutneys where cider vinegar is used for those intolerant to the small amount of gluten present in malt.  Products containing ale which is derived from barley may also be a problem for some people and in the case of our Organic Real Ale Chutney the ale used also contains a small amount of wheat.

GMO Free - To the best of our knowledge, none of our products contain Genetically Modified Organisms and all our suppliers assure us that they do not support the use of GMOs in the crop production.


Vegetarian - All our products are suitable for Vegetarians and many for Vegans. Our products carry the Vegetarian Society symbol.


Organic - We introduced our Organic Range in 1998 and are licensed by the Soil Association. We work within the strict guidelines set down by the Soil Association standards to ensure that all ingredients are bought from growers and importers who are registered with an approved organic certification body.

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