Give Yourself a Gift You Truly Deserve!

Gift pads make you feel great because they’re not only the most comfortable and absorbent pad you’ll ever wear, but also because they contain a secret anti-bacterial layer (the pale green section seen in the picture) which has been inserted under the perforated, cottony, top layer of your Gift pad.                                                                                       

The special layer is made from the natural mineral Tourmaline. More and more products, from sports watches to air purifiers, are coming onto the market that contain this technology, which releases natural Anions (negative ions or active oxygen) and F.I.R. (far infrared rays). That’s because of the incredible effect Anions and F.I.R. can have on your health.  F.I.R. is used in many hospitals around the globe to warm newborn babies. In fact it was originally discovered by NASA who used it in astronauts suits to regulate their body temperature and circulation.

When the Anion-F.I.R. strip in each Gift pad comes into contact with your body it releases active oxygen, balances PH levels and helps to balance hormones. This has the effect of improving flow, strengthening immunity, reducing stress, fighting vaginal infection, treating inflammation, eliminating odour, reducing fatigue and providing comfort and calm during the menstrual period.

This active oxygen immediately neutralises bacteria and viruses and is absorbed quickly into the body, improving your blood circulation. As a result, the silt and blood stored in the vagina is discharged more smoothly and the womb is restored to its natural harmony in three to five days. At the same time, any inflammation disappears and no smell is left.

Herbal extract of mint and menthol in the pad helps prevent itchiness and adds to the cool fresh feeling, leaving a delicately fresh scent which continues during and after use.

Once you have tried these we guarantee you won't use anything else!!