What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils carry the physical properties of flowers and plants in a highly concentrated form. Through the different processes of distillation, the volatile constituents of the plant’s oil are extracted from its flowers, leaves, branches, or roots. Essential oils carry biologically active volatile compounds in a very concentrated form that exhibit therapeutic benefits in very small amounts.

The most common groups of chemical components found in essential oils are terpenes, alcohols, esters, ketones, aldehydes, and phenols. The antioxidant value in some essential oils alone is absolutely amazing,  just an ounce of Clove Oil has the antioxidant capacity of 450 lbs of carrots, 120 quarts of blueberries, or 48 gallons of beet juice.

There are three types of terpenes containes in essential oils: Phenylpropanoids (also called Hemiterpenes), Monoterpenes, and Sesquiterpenes.

Phenylpropanoids: Found in Clove (90%), Cassia (80%), Basil (75%), Cinnamon (73%), Oregano (60%), Anise (50%), Peppermint (25%). Most importantly,  phenylpropanoids clean the receptor sites on the cells which will in turn help support a healthy body.

Quality is Everything!

There are so many companies on the market selling essential oils these days and it is important that you remember the saying 'You get what you pay for'.  The quality of the oil can vary substantially and in doing so the lower the quality oil, the less effective it will be for you.  We only supply the highest grade of organic oils that are delivered as food grade, ensuring that they are the top of the tree in terms of quality.  You might pay a little more, but you will find they significantly assist with your health and wellbeing issues and thus lead you to a happier life! 

Essential Oils