Earth Friendly Products Pledge

'We pledge that our products are environmentally responsible, work well and provide value. We will never test on animals or use animal ingredients. We will conduct business in a socially responsible manner that safeguards the earth.'

Earth Friendly Products decided: only cleaners that were plant-based.  Only paper that was recycled.  Only products not tested on animals, period.

Earth Friendly Products is a family owned and operated company. They know how to make cleaners that CLEAN, paper goods that work (with 80% post-consumer content, and that is good,) detergents that will not harm a fiber of your clothing, and a phosphate-free auto dish soap that will not etch anything.  Ever.

These are earth Friendly Products.  Green.  Clean.  And really, really good at both.

Earth Friendly Products

Earth Friendly Creamy Cleaner 500ml
Made with natural ingredients, it is also safe for use on kitchen pots and pans and has a lovely lemon fragrance.
Earth Friendly Dilute and Mop 500ML
Dilute & Mop' Floor Cleaner Concentrate cleans with the fresh scent of lemon and sage, leaving your floor clean and residue free.
Earth Friendly Fruit & Veggie Wash
Helps remove pesticides, chemical, heavy metals, dirt, and wax from the surface of fruits and vegetables
Root Vegetable Cleaner
These soft and flexible loofahs are specially selected for cleaning mud and dirt from the surface of vegetables