Cornish Sea Salt Co aim to remain at the forefront of sustainability, innovation and quality in seasonings and ingredients.  Their salt house is a stone’s throw from the water’s edge, perched with panoramic sea views across the Atlantic Ocean. They tailor-made the way they harvest Cornish Sea Salt by working with the ebb and flow of the tides and taking great care of the sea creatures and coastal wildlife in the protected waters.  

They take fresh sea water directly from the ocean and carefully filter it to get rid of silt and sand before concentrating it into saturated brine. This super salty brine is poured into enormous vats, and gently heated so that salt crystals gradually start to form on the surface. As the density of the crystals develops the salt sinks to the bottom of the brine. They then hand-harvest it at the perfect moment to get the crunchy texture and intense flavour of Sea Salt Original.

For their wonderfully delicate Sea Salt Flakes to form, slightly different conditions are required. Cornish Sea Salt Co spent 12 months innovating and experimenting to create the perfect recipe. Great care is taken to control the atmospheric conditions in the crystallisation rooms where the brine is seeded with an extra helping of sea minerals to give the flakes the environment they need to gather gently on the surface before they harvest them.


Cornish Sea Salt