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Cornfield Annual Seed

CWF1 Cornfield Annuals 100% Wild Flower Seed mixture. The red poppy, blue cornflower, purple corn cockle and yellow corn marigold can make for a very striking effect. They are all brightly coloured and produce a very attractive scene from June to September.

Please note all the wild flower seed in the mixtures are sourced and processed as follows. They come originally from stock grown in the wild in the UK.

The seed is packed, mixed and distributed from the UK. This way you can be confident that you are buying native UK Wild Flower Seed to produce Native UK Wild Flower Meadows.


Cornfield annuals will not establish very well amongst grass or other vegetation and they like fertile conditions. Sow from August to early October. Or in the spring end of February to end of April. All the mixes should be sown at 2 grams per square metre.


Planting Guide

Flower Colours Varied
Plant Height Up to 1.5 metres
Mixture Details Corn Cockle ( Agrostemma Githago) 50%, Corn chamomile ( anthemis arvensis) 5.0%, Cornflower ( Centaurea cyanaus) 10%, Corn Marigold ( chrysanthemum segetum) 25.0%, Field Poppy ( papaver Rhoeas) 10.0%.
Flowering Season June-September
Setting Fertile soils and sun